Mittwoch, Mai 29, 2024

Montage Kaschieranlage / USA

I still can’t get over how our team of engineers and mechanics open up containers with industrial machines this size and completely install them running electrical connectivity, installing the printing heads of the machine, rollers and everything else you see. They are truly gifted to break out this machine from crates and build machines that produce non woven materials for personal protection needs for medical protection for hospitals and caregivers, agriculture packaging for food products etc. We have provided essential needs to get these types of machines up and running for our customers during the pandemic that started in 2021. I learned a new trade for my tool box in handling logistics to support my team. If you want to talk about 100 to 200 ton cranes, forklifts, scissor lifts, man lifts, propane, storage cages, rigging needs give me a call 📞 😊. I’m proud to have learned a new trade over my last 6 years with a company and a wonderful person Holger Zimmerman, President that hired me. I have a great team I work with from my parent company in Germany 🇩🇪. My salute to my dear friends and coworkers at G&Z Montageservice. Especially Petra who took me under their wings. Numerous Project Managers that provided training.. didn’t want to leave anyone out you all have my gratitude 👏❤️

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